Welcome to Residence Ministries

Residence Ministries is a ministry of acceptance, with our aim being to love at all costs. We believe that the spirit falls on community and resides in unity and that as the church unites together we will see a coming reformation of love.

In Acts 2 we read that the Spirit of God fell on the one hundred and twenty in the upper room, on that powerful day of Pentecost. But before the Spirit came there was something important that happened. They were first of one accord. This doesn’t mean they all agreed on every topic of doctrine, but instead we believe it was saying that their hearts were intimately united for one purpose – To see the power of Christ’s sacrifice and love restore a broken world.

In Psalms 131 we read that unity commands a blessing. We believe it’s time we stopped loving with a price tag, letting go of our desire to be right and began to intentionally choose to love at all costs. When we love at a distance, because of disagreement or mistrust, we simply cannot fulfil the purpose of Christ in our lives and will never find unity in our communities.

Although we don’t claim to have everything right, we would still like to invite you into our journey of discovery as we seek a deeper revelation of the Father’s love and restoration of unity in the church.

Adam Thurling
– Residence Founder